Sweeten your Seder with Magnolia Bakery

Everyone knows the best part of a family meal is dessert. Why should Passover be any different? This Passover, we are offering some delicious additions to our menu that will surely be devoured by all of the guests at your seder.

Our matza crunch is indescribably delicious and is made of layers of Matza cracker, our handmade buttercrunch candy, chocolate, white chocolate and toffee pieces. We promise one bite will not be enough, so be sure to order a platter ($24/pound)!

1lb matza

We are also offering traditional flour-free passover treats, including our twice baked mandel bread ($8/bag), macaroons ($1.50/each), and flourless chocolate cake ($35/cake).

mandel b

Satisfy your guests’ cravings after your seder! Call 1.855.MBAKERY to place an advance order for a variety of Passover desserts (available in stores starting April 14), and be sure to check out which treats we are offering in our online store as well.

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