How to Make: Magnolia Bakery’s Sno-ball Cookies

Our sno-ball cookies are a buttery, delicate cookie that are a wonderful addition to any holiday celebration. Yesterday, our Chicago General Manager, Nikki Lee, shared her tips for making these traditional cookies on CBS Chicago’s morning show. Check out her baking tips here, as well as some of her favorite holiday desserts.

Will you be baking at home this holiday season? Test out our sno-ball recipe (below) and let us know how it turns out!

Magnolia Bakery’s Sno-Ball Cookies

Magnolia Bakery’s Sno-Ball Cookies

Makes approximately 36 cookies


  • 1 cup pecans pieces
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 – ½ cups all purpose flour
  • 1 cup un-salted butter, room temperature
  • ¼ cup powdered sugar, sifted.
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 cup sifted powdered sugar, additional


  1. Process pecans with ¼ cup flour and salt in a food processor until fine, then add 1-1/2 cups flour and set aside.
  2. In a mixer beat 1 cup of butter until creamy and light in color.
  3. Reduce the mixer speed to low and add 1/4 cup sifted powdered sugar and 2 tsp. vanilla. Mix on low, scrape down bowl.
  4. Add flour/nut mixture in 3 parts just until combined. DO NOT OVERMIX. You may have to do this by hand. Dough should barely come together when you squeeze it.
  5. Chill the dough for 30 minutes.
  6. Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees
  7. Roll into 1″ balls and set 2″ apart on an ungreased baking sheet.
  8. Bake for 18-20 minutes.
  9. Watch the cookies very closely. They should just ever so slightly brown on the bottom.
  10. Remove them from the oven and let them cool on the pan for about a minute.
  11. Gently and carefully roll them in sifted powdered sugar. Cool completely on a wire rack then roll them again in powdered sugar until completely coated.
  12. Store in plastic container with paper between the layers.
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