DIY For the 4th of July!

Having a BBQ this weekend? After you pick up some of our 4th of July desserts, why not partake in a fun DIY, designed by our creative director Linda Facci, which is sure to help your guests keep track of their drinks!



1. Download this PDF.

2. Print on full-sheet sticker paper (available at office supply or craft stores).

3. Trim to size.

4. Have your guests fill out and apply to their glass or plastic cup.

Not only will your guests never lose their drinks, but you’ll also have less to wash and throw away. Plus, you won’t have to spend the day introducing people!

Now go enjoy some red velvet or stars and stripes cupcakes as a pre-Independence Day celebratory treat!


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Welcome Tokyo to the Magnolia Family!

We are excited to announce the opening of our store in Tokyo! The newest members of the Magnolia Family are proud to open the store’s doors on June 16th at 11AM. The store will be open Monday-Sunday from 11AM to 8PM.


Magnolia Bakery Tokyo 3

Magnolia Bakery Tokyo 12

If you’re in the area, be sure to pick up your favorite Magnolia Bakery treats at 5-10-1 GYRE B1F in Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo. The store can also be reached via telephone: 03 6450 5800.

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Baking Tips From Bobbie’s Kitchen

Bobbie Lloyd 2

Baking is like creating art, and every last detail makes a major contribution to the final product. My years with Magnolia Bakery and creating new recipes have taught me so much about the importance of paying attention to these little details. Here are some of my best baking tips that I want to share with you to ensure that your recipes come out in tip-top shape!

1. Always read your recipe through several times and lay out all your ingredients before you start baking. Pay attention to the details and be prepared.

2. The best way to finish off a double-crusted pie is with an egg wash and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. It will also help achieve that golden brown color that a pie baker craves.

3. My favorite baking tools are my tongs and my bench scraper. I use my tongs for everything from opening the oven door to mixing ingredients in a pan. The bench scraper is the best clean up tool around!

4. Always make sure you fully understand what each step entails. If you don’t know how to beat egg whites until “peaks form,” find a YouTube video and learn! Always follow directions. Check your oven temperature. Every last detail counts!

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Bobbie’s Kitchen: Magnolia Bakery’s Brand New Coconut Cream Pie

Pie is my absolute favorite dessert and there is no better classic cream pie than coconut! Since I started at Magnolia Bakery years ago, I have been wanting to add more pies to the menu. So far, 2014 has been a pie-filled year, from our caramel apple hand pies to our brand new coconut cream pie. I love the combination of creamy texture with coarse coconut and, of course, the flavor.

coconut c pie 1

To perfect the Magnolia Bakery coconut cream pie recipe, I started with an old recipe that I used to make years ago. When I gave it a first go, I felt it was lacking the coconut flavor I desired, so I went back to the drawing board with a few tests.

In the first test, I added coconut to the crust, which gave it a great texture. In the second, I added coconut milk to the custard, but I still wanted more flavor!

Finally, in the third test, I found the trick. I added sweetened coconut to the coconut milk as it was heating – the result was coconut perfection!

Magnolia Bakery’s coconut cream pie bites are the perfect portion to satisfy your coconut craving. They have a great proportion of pie crust to filling, resulting in a heavenly combination of crispy, creamy, and coconut.

coconut c pie 4

Get your hands on a slice of coconut cream pie! Available all month in May at your favorite Magnolia Bakery locations.

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Just in time for Easter: How to Make Cottontail Cupcakes

Our creative director Linda Facci teaches us how to make your favorite classic vanilla cupcakes into cute little Easter bunnies with this simple DIY!

bunny ears 2

To make a white chocolate bunny ear cupcake, you’ll need:

–  cupcakes iced with vanilla (white) buttercream and topped with shredded coconut (optional)

bunny ear template

– parchment paper

– white chocolate (we recommend using chips)

– ziplock bag

– mini meringues (optional) bunnie-ears-how-to- 1. Create template of bunny ears or free hand the shape. Place template under parchment paper.

2. Place melted white chocolate into a ziplock bag, snip off the tip

3.  Start to trace the shape of your ear, creating a border

4. Start to fill in the shape with the melted white chocolate

5. Let set for about 30-60 minutes

6. Optional: Use a mini meringue as a cottontail for the bunny!

7. Place the white chocolate ears into your iced cupcake.



– Melt your white chocolate in the microwave in 20 second intervals. Stir in between.

– Place your completed bunny ears in the fridge or freezer to set faster.

– Use milk or dark chocolate instead.

– Make pastel bunny ears by adding a few drops of food coloring to the white chocolate.

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Introducing: Bobbie’s Kitchen

We are thrilled to announce a new column, Bobbie’s Kitchen! Written by Bobbie Lloyd, Magnolia Bakery’s “Chief Baking Officer,” the column will feature baking tips, a behind-the-scenes look at new Magnolia Bakery products and share insights from Bobbie’s life in the kitchen – whether she’s busy whipping up something at the bakery or making one of her famous apple pies for her family.

Bobbie Lloyd-1

Here’s a bit about Bobbie.

Where did you grow up?

I’m a Midwestern girl through and through. Born in Chicago, raised in Elgin, Illinois. My Midwestern roots run deep as generations of our family on both sides were pioneers.

When did you know you loved baking?

From baking with my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother I developed a love of being in the kitchen. Whether it was picking grapes to make jam with my Mom or picking rhubarb in the early days of spring you could always find me in the kitchen eager to roll some pie dough. When my mom went to work full time when I was eight years old, I became a key kid and offered my services to get the family dinner started when I got home from school.

photo 1-1

Did you always know you wanted baking to be part of your career?

I knew that food would be some part of my career, but I didn’t know what direction I would take until I went to culinary school and began working in restaurants. I was fortunate enough to work for some wonderful places in my early days.

How did you get involved with Magnolia Bakery?

Steve Abrams (Magnolia Bakery’s CEO) and I were partners in two other operations, Soup to Nuts Catering and It’s a Wrap, NYC’s first wrap sandwich and smoothie restaurant. It was a seamless transition to come together with Magnolia Bakery

Bobbie Lloyd 2

What’s your favorite dessert of all time?

Pie, I love PIE!
Every kind of pie. Pie is like my own nirvana. I love cream pie, fruit pies, open pies, hand pies – you name it, I love it.

What’s your favorite Magnolia Bakery recipe you’ve created?

Over the years I have introduced more and more pie recipes. I would have to say these as a whole are my favorite. My favorite single item right now is the coconut cream pie and the sea salt caramel chocolate chunk cookie.

What are some exciting recipes you’re working on now?

Coconut cream pie, ice cream sandwiches, more hand pies and open face pies (Crostadas).

Stay tuned for more delicious posts from our CBO!

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Magnolia Bakery Offers Something For Your Special Day

This month, we are thrilled to be launching an elegant line of tiered wedding cakes. Our team looks forward to helping celebrate one of life’s sweetest moments.

You’ll have to wait to see the final product, but in the meantime, we’re sharing photos of our talented cake icers working hard to perfect every last swipe and swiss dot!





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Schoola is Coola!

We are thrilled to be partnering with Schoola, a website that offers communities an easy, fun way of giving back to their local public schools. Schoola recently launched in New York City and we are proud to be offering a special Schoola voucher to local parents, teachers and school supporters. Visit their website to purchase the Magnolia Bakery voucher and we’ll donate 35% to the public school of your choice.

On Monday, we were lucky enough to visit a local school participating in the Schoola fundraising program: Harbor Science & Arts Charter School (K-8), located on the UWS of Manhattan. During our visit, Bobbie Lloyd, Magnolia Bakery’s President and “Chief Baking Officer,” was interviewed by “Live from the Couch” and we handed out cupcakes to one of Harbor’s kindergarten classes (they were very patient waiting for their cupcakes!). Thanks so much for having us!


Be sure to visit to find different businesses in your neighborhood participating in this wonderful program!

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Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

We LOVE Valentine’s Day! In preparation for the holiday, our team is in the process of creating some new packages, including a Total Indulgence gift basket that will be available online later this month. In addition to our Valentine’s Day cupcakes, we’ll also be offering Sweet Sayings cupcakes, red velvet heart-shaped sugar cookies, miniature meringues, chocolate wafer whoopie cookies and more! We have a lovely selection of sweets for your sweet. Take a look at some of the items from our Total Indulgence package below. What do you think?


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