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Ice Cream Sandwiches Return For Another Summer in NYC!

The sun and warm weather have finally returned and so have our ice cream sandwiches!




Magnolia Bakery is offering a variety of ice cream sandwiches, including double fudge brownie, blondie, red velvet, magic cookie bar, and lemon bar. All of Magnolia Bakery’s handmade ice cream sandwiches are made with Ronnybrook Dairy’s supreme premium ice cream, in either Hudson Valley Vanilla or Chocolate.




brownie icsndwch

The ice cream sandwiches start at $6.00 each and will be available starting May 21st in all New York locations.

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Congratulations, Graduate!

Celebrate an upcoming graduation with a sweet send-off. Our graduation cupcakes are now available for advance order!

Our class of 2014 cupcakes are classic vanilla or chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and celebratory “Class of 2014” edible images. ($5.25 each)

grad edible cc 2014

Or, order a few of our grad packs, which are packages of 12 mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate and vanilla buttercream and an assortment of graduation-themed decons and sprinkles. ($18.00/pack of 12)

grad pack

Lastly, our classic graduation cupcakes are classic vanilla or chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate or vanilla buttercream and a graduation cap. ($3.50 each)

graduation cc 2014-1

Finish off your spread with a double bowl of our banana pudding and an assortment of our fresh cookies and make this sweet celebration one your graduate will never forget!

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Bobbie’s Kitchen: How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust


Fruit pies are my absolute favorite desserts, and delicious pie crusts are among the most important parts!

Here are some tricks for baking the perfect double crust for seasonal fruit pies.

1.  Wait to add sugar until just before you are ready to add your fruit to the pie. Otherwise, your pie filling will be too watery.

2.  After you roll your bottom layer crust, brush a thin layer of egg white wash over the bottom and sides.

3.  When you add the fruit to the pie pan make sure to “mound” it – gently press together so you create a snug, generously portioned pile of fruit.

4.  When adding the top crust, once again, press your dough toward the center over the fruit. This allows the dough to “drop” during baking.

5.  Be sure to cut or prick the top dough to vent some of the steam. You can get creative here as well, just like Pi Pieswe did for our Pi Day caramel apple hand pies!

6.  A nice egg wash and sugar/cinnamon sprinkle adds a nice sparkle and continues to a browned crisp top.

7.  Check your oven temperature with an oven thermometer. Conventional ovens are often off quite a few degrees, which means your pie could under or over bake easily. You don’t want to ruin all your hard work!

What are your favorite Magnolia Bakery fruit pies? Tell us on Instagram by mentioning @MagnoliaBakeryNYC in your post!

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Happy Mother’s Day From Magnolia Bakery!

In honor of all of the special moms out there, our creative director Linda Facci has created this adorably delicious Mother’s Day inspired video, starring your favorite classic Magnolia Bakery cupcakes!

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Baking Tips From Bobbie’s Kitchen

Bobbie Lloyd 2

Baking is like creating art, and every last detail makes a major contribution to the final product. My years with Magnolia Bakery and creating new recipes have taught me so much about the importance of paying attention to these little details. Here are some of my best baking tips that I want to share with you to ensure that your recipes come out in tip-top shape!

1. Always read your recipe through several times and lay out all your ingredients before you start baking. Pay attention to the details and be prepared.

2. The best way to finish off a double-crusted pie is with an egg wash and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. It will also help achieve that golden brown color that a pie baker craves.

3. My favorite baking tools are my tongs and my bench scraper. I use my tongs for everything from opening the oven door to mixing ingredients in a pan. The bench scraper is the best clean up tool around!

4. Always make sure you fully understand what each step entails. If you don’t know how to beat egg whites until “peaks form,” find a YouTube video and learn! Always follow directions. Check your oven temperature. Every last detail counts!

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Make Mom Feel Special With a Sweet Saying

Still not sure what to get mom this Mother’s Day? Our sweet sayings cupcake with a special inscription will surely make her smile (and say “YUM!”).

Sweet Sayings Cupcakes

The sweet sayings cupcake is a sinfully rich devil’s food cupcake, topped with chocolate ganache, filled with white chocolate, and topped with a sweet inscription. These cupcakes are available for advance order starting May 1 and will be available in-store May 11-13. Pick up a dozen for a memorable Mother’s Day surprise.

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Bobbie’s Kitchen: Magnolia Bakery’s Brand New Coconut Cream Pie

Pie is my absolute favorite dessert and there is no better classic cream pie than coconut! Since I started at Magnolia Bakery years ago, I have been wanting to add more pies to the menu. So far, 2014 has been a pie-filled year, from our caramel apple hand pies to our brand new coconut cream pie. I love the combination of creamy texture with coarse coconut and, of course, the flavor.

coconut c pie 1

To perfect the Magnolia Bakery coconut cream pie recipe, I started with an old recipe that I used to make years ago. When I gave it a first go, I felt it was lacking the coconut flavor I desired, so I went back to the drawing board with a few tests.

In the first test, I added coconut to the crust, which gave it a great texture. In the second, I added coconut milk to the custard, but I still wanted more flavor!

Finally, in the third test, I found the trick. I added sweetened coconut to the coconut milk as it was heating – the result was coconut perfection!

Magnolia Bakery’s coconut cream pie bites are the perfect portion to satisfy your coconut craving. They have a great proportion of pie crust to filling, resulting in a heavenly combination of crispy, creamy, and coconut.

coconut c pie 4

Get your hands on a slice of coconut cream pie! Available all month in May at your favorite Magnolia Bakery locations.

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You Deserve a Bouquet… of Flower Cupcakes!

Spring is finally here and we could not be more excited. We are thrilled to announce the return of our beautiful flower cupcakes! Pick up a box of 6 as a bouquet to make mom feel special, or treat yourself to a single cupcake as a reminder that May flowers are just around the corner.


Magnolia Bakery’s flower cupcakes are available now for advance order and in-store starting May 1st. Call 1.855.MBAKERY to place an advance order for a box today!



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Magnolia Bakery’s Earth Day Cupcake Benefits One Billion Trees

In celebration of mother nature, Magnolia Bakery will be offering our special Earth Day cupcake once again!

earth day 2

On April 22nd, our classic vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, topped with a swirl of blue and green vanilla buttercream and a decorative leaf will be available for sale in all US Magnolia Bakery locations. For each cupcake sold, Magnolia Bakery will donate $1.50 to Billion Trees, an organization that promotes sustainable growth in poor nations and educates people about the importance of being green.

earth day

Stop by on April 22nd to enjoy a delicious cupcake while donating to a charitable, green cause!

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

In celebration of Easter, our creative director Linda Facci created this stop-motion video of the Easter bunny paying his favorite Magnolia Bakery location a visit for some delicious meringues. We hope to see you this weekend!

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